Environment & Safety

Corporate Policy Statement on Environment and Safety

The health and safety of workers and the protection of the environment are integral parts of the business operation of Santonia Energy Inc. The Company will operate in a manner that minimizes adverse effects to the environment and ensures the safety and health of its employees, contractors, and the public. Through the implementation of a comprehensive HSE program, not only do we recognize the importance of safety and sound environmental stewardship, we ensure our ability to effectively grow the Company.

It is the Company's goal to ensure that practical and diligent measures are used to:

  • Protect the health and safety of company employees, contractors and the public;
  • Safeguard our environment and be progressive in environmental and ecological matters, and
  • Be diligent in all the Company's operations to minimize any adverse impact and to maximize operating efficiency.

It is the responsibility of all Company employees and contractors to:

  • Comply with all health, safety, environmental and regulatory legislation,
  • Be aware of and actively participate in the Company's health, safety and environmental program, and
  • Be prepared to continuously improve the HSE program through auditing, training and personal commitment.

A joint and continuous effort by management, employees and contractors will ensure a safe, healthy, profitable, and clean work environment.